UpdatedFriday February 11, 2022 byOBYSA Board.

What are the age divisions?

For the Spring 2022--

Pre-K and Kindergarten Group is Co-ed (must be 5 years old before January 1, 2022--NO EXCEPTIONS).

Girls 1st and 2nd grade 

Boys 1st and 2nd grade

Girls 3rd-5th grade

Boys 3rd-5th grade

Middle School COED 6th-8th grade

What days/times are practices and games?

Practices are left up to the volunteer coaches so there is no way to guarantee what day practices will be.  Remember though, that coaches want to have everyone at practice so typically will work with their teams to determine the best days and times to practice.

Games are typically Wednesday OR Thursday AND Saturday


Where are practices/games?

For the Spring 2022:

Games and Practices will be held at the fields behind First Flight Middle School. 


When does the season start/end?

For Spring 2022:

Registraton begins February 11th, 2022

Registration ends March 13th, 2022

Draft March 14th, 2022

Practices can begin after draft

Games will not begin until April 6th and the season will end before Memorial Weekend. 

No games are held during Spring Break.

Can we request a coach/being on same team as someone else?

We typically do not allow requests except in the case of parents coaching their own children.


I have one son in 5th grade and one son in 6th grade.  Can they be on the same team?

For insurance and safety reasons, we typically cannot allow kids to play in higher or lower divisions.


We live/work in Manteo/Corolla.  Are there teams in Manteo/Corolla?

Unfortunately, no.  However, we try to put more than one Manteo child on a team to assist with carpooling.


I have a 4 year old, can he/she play?

Players must be 5 by January 1, 2022 to play.  No exceptions!


If my business sponsors a team, will my kid be on it?

Yes, sponsorships stay with the children, unless specified otherwise.


Who do I call about reschedules/rain outs?

Your coach will get all that information.  Please call your coach.


Is it possible to play soccer and baseball/softball/travel?

That is a decision your family needs to make.  This is a recreational league.  While we stress team and sportsmanship and learning soccer skills, we understand that most players have outside interests too.  Your child will not be “penalized” for missing practices here and there.  But, remember too that the team(s) are working with your child and in some ways depend on him or her.